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  • Introduction
    BioNET® reactor contains porous compressible carriers which offers large surface area for the interception of suspended solids and growth of microorganisms. BioNET® is great for the removals of ammonium and dissolved organics from wastewater and deteriorated water source. The bioreactor has stable and excellent effluent quality for wide ranges of influent quality, hydraulic retention time and field conditions
  • Applications
    •Treatment of low-strength wastewater
    •Removal of residual organic compounds following the secondary treatment to reduce the chemical cost for subsequent treatments
    •Pretreatment of raw water to remove ammonium and dissolved organics from contaminated water source
    •Remediation of surface water and groundwater to remove ammonium and dissolved organics
  • Benefits
    •High biomass concentration
    •High solid retaining capacity
    •High microbial diversity
    •Short hydraulic retention time
    •High oxygen utilization efficiency
    •Simple operation and maintenance
Factory nameCommission YearIndustryReactor volume (m 3 )ApplicationCapacity (CMD)
Nantex Industry Corporation, Taiwan2000Petrochemical/ rubber products manufacturing250×2Secondary effluent treatment1,600
Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, Taiwan2005Food processing/ bottle washing50Wastewater treatment500
ITRI (headquarter), Taiwan2006Research complex460×6Sewage treatment3,200
ITRI (southern branch), Taiwan2006Research complex350Sewage treatment500
Pou Chen Corporation, Indonesia2006Shoes manufacturing156×2Water treatment (NH 3 + -N remonal)15,000
Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Taiwan2007Petrochemical180Wastewater treatment650
Triplex Chemical Corporation, Taiwan2007Petrochemical600Wastewater treatmen2,400
CPC gas station, Taiwan2009Car washing2.5Wastewater treatment/ reclamation24
Ansell, Penang. Malaysia2007Gloves600Secondary effluent treatment4,000
Recron, KL. Malaysia2009Textile600Secondary effluent treatment3,000
Poymer Latex, JB Malaysia2009Latex300Secondary effluent treatment1,200
Evercolorful Corporation, Taiwan2009Coating0.72Wastewater treatment1
Tzu Chi Foundation – Shanlin village, Taiwan2010Community144Sewage treatment1,000

DI Water

Waste Water Waste water transfer system for cyanide at semiconductor factory. Consists of 6 units Kawamoto (Japan) chemical pump and ABB inverters for energy saving purpose


New Unit

Testing & Commisioning 1) Food Industry, Sungai Besar 2) Sime Darby Bio Diesel Plant, Pulau Carey

Diffuser Performance Testing Tank

Disc Diffuser – TFD-270

Tube Diffuser – TTD-600

Disk Coarse Diffuser – RSD – 168

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Taiwan manufacturer

Metering Pump

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